Less is More

Manufacturing Capability

Our mantra towards manufacturing is simple. A penny saved, is a penny earned. And our manufacturing units are physical manifestations of these ideas. The thought is to own an efficient, economic and an ergonomic system that is sustainable over a long period of time.

This gives us a direct advantage in terms of quality assurance and cost management, that we can in turn provide to our customers. With regular enhancements and innovations to our system and to our facilities we maintain consistency in our products.

Mandideep Works

Machine Shop In Mandideep

Machine shop offers precision machining services for various industries.

Mild Steel and Alloy steel unit at Mandideep

Annual Production of over 2400 tonnes

Aluminium Melt Shop In Mandideep

Top-grade aluminium melt shop in Mandideep providing high-quality metal melting services.

Capacity in Mandideep

Over 2400 tonnes annual capacity in Mandideep

Bhopal Works

Cast Iron Unit at Bhopal

Installed Capacity of 1600 Tones

rubber (1)

Rubber Unit at Bhopal

Rubber Moulding machines with mixing mills

Manufacturing Capability

In House Pattern making facility

Product flexibility with various grades of Iron, Steel, and their Alloys

Components can be supplied as Sub assemblies through in-house facilities and tie-ups with top machining vendors

Fully equipped Machine Shop

Single Piece casting upto 3 tonnes.

testing at various check points

Inhouse Electric heat treatment furnace of 10MT capacity and Quenching

Spectroscope to help with product facility different alloying grades of Iron, Steel and Aluminium