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Letters from Director

Anand Singhi

I have been in this industry for as long as I can remember, and yet, I have never sensed a bigger opportunity than tomorrow.
We have been a part of so many exciting projects. From jaw crushers to bridges, via snow cone machines and we have made friends through them all. We hope that along the way , our integrity, quality and loyalty has shone.
We are trying to be a little better each day, hoping, that one day it will make a big difference.

Aditya Singhi

Welcome to Anand Metal Works!
As the Director, I'm proud to lead a team dedicated to excellence in steel manufacturing. With cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, we craft precision products tailored to your needs. From custom components to industrial solutions, we ensure quality and efficiency at every step.
At Anand Metal Works , reliability is our hallmark. We prioritize timely delivery and open communication to exceed your expectations. Committed to sustainability, we integrate eco-friendly practices into our processes.
Thank you for considering us for your steel needs. We're ready to be your trusted partner.